Chart.js with subtabbed tabs
2015. 10. 30.
Chart.js is a bit tricky to use if you have dynamic tabs on your site. How about having multiple tabs with multiple tabs in them? Things get serious.

People seem to have problems too by using tabs to show dynamic content on sites. The general solution to this problem is to use a bootstrap built in callback that is fired when a tab activated to destroy the actual chart and draw the new chart based on the tab selected. Well, that works fine until you have tabbed content in your tabs as well.

My plan was to create a tabbed page design that has sub tabs in them you can select with a dropdown menu. So each main tab has its own dropdown menu.

I came up with this solution that will store the last active chart globally as well as the last active chart canvas context and data per main tabs. This variables make it possible to remember where the user have left a tab, and it will be able to resume there.