Tibor Simon
My name is Tibor Simon.
I am a graduated electrical engineer with a master's degree. I live in Budapest and I am currently working at Nokia Networks. As an engineer I constantly pushing myself to be better at what I am doing. I like to discover new technologies, experiment with ideas. I am a Vimmer, I use Linux, I am a late night owl, and I prefer the command line over the mouse. Yes, I felt into the unproductive hole of tools a few times, yes I have a huge pile of unfinished projects and yes this is the (n+1)th iteration of my webpage. But hey, that doens't matter as far as I enjoy it. Oh, and I like to play the guitar and I also like to take pictures. Hope you find someting useful here.

Articles for dsp

SlotCar Race

2013. 05. 19.

At the university me and my partner have faced a midterm project that contained a very interesting problem. We had to write an algorithm that drives a small electric car on it’s guided track.

Generating sinusoid signals

2015. 10. 17.

Generating sinusoid signals is often the first step for executing a more complex computation. It should be a routine, but actually it isn't. Many people struggles with it.